Drum Capping Tool (For 2 inch caps)

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Model No.: DCS-01M
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These drum capping tools are used extensively to securely cap 200 liter (50 gallon) drums that are utilized to store and transport chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials and commodities like crude oil. The drum capping tool on display is meant for securing drums with a 2 inch caps only. Depending on operator speed this tool can secure anywhere between 240-360 caps per hour. The body is made out of mild steel with nickel-chrome plating and the jaws (mild steel) are heat treated to provide greater hardness. As a result, customers can expect this tool to be both reliable and wear resistant. 

  • Dimensions: Diameter- 95 mm; Height- 330 mm
  • Weight (Without packing): 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs.)