Return Policy

Products will be eligible for return under the following conditions:

  • In the event of damage during transit
  • In case of a manufacturing defect

While we can assure customers of appointing well known logistics operators, there are instances wherein goods get damaged in transit. In the event of such a mishap we urge clients to inform us as soon as possible. Based on the extent of damage we will either repair or replace the product. Minor aesthetic damage will not qualify the product as a returnable item e.g. thin scratches or mild dents on metallic panels.

A manufacturing defect is one which adversely affects the functioning of the machine and can be mechanical, electrical or pneumatic in nature. If such an issue were to occur we urge clients to inform us immediately and if the problem requires a replacement we will gladly oblige. Again as mentioned above, minor aesthetic imperfections do not qualify as manufacturing defects.

Please note that we will only entertain requests for product returns within 30 working days after receipt of goods by the customer. However, we will provide after-sales service which may or may not be chargeable as per the warranty assigned. Therefore, we recommend that on receiving the shipment clients should carry out the following activities:

  • Check carefully for any visible signs of mechanical damage (cracks, bends or tears)
  • Carry out a small batch production run to check for any internal damage/defect or inconsistency in performance.