Manual Crimping Machine

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Model No.: CM-15/20
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The manual perfume pump crimping machine is a highly flexible device that can secure perfume bottles of almost all heights due to its height adjustment feature. The crimping collar is brought down by means of a lever that actuates a cam mechanism. A seasoned operator can easily provide an output rate of 500-600 bottles per hour; therefore making the manual pump crimping machine suitable for low to medium volume production environments.  

The entire manual crimping machine is made out of mild steel which has a nickel-chromium plating to protect against wear and also give the machine a premium look. This machine can be used for securing both 15 mm as well as 20 mm pumps. 

Note**: You can choose to order either a machine with a 15 mm or a 20 mm crimping collar from the 'Variants' drop down menu. If at all you require both a 15 mm and a 20 mm collar, you can purchase it from the 'Spares and Accessories' tab on the product page (Both collars can be fitted on to the same machine). Additionally, if you have a non-standard pump please click on the 'Enquire' icon and we will see if we can provide a suitable collar. For customers requiring greater than 5 pieces, we can offer a bulk discount; please place an enquiry for the same 


  • Dimensions: L= 230 mm; W= 150 mm; H= 570 mm (9" x 6" x 22.5")
  • Weight (Without packing): 13.3 kg (29.3 lbs.)