Foil Lids for Plastic PP Cups (95 mm; 1000 pcs.)

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These aluminium foil lids are almost exclusively used for sealing standard plastic cups having volumes ranging from 100-300 ml. Plastic cups are used for packaging drinking water, juices and dairy products like buttermilk and yogurt. The aluminium foil lids have an extension to allow easy removal and have a diameter of 95 mm. We sell these foil lids in bulk packages of 1000 pieces (one quantity corresponds to multiples of 1000 pieces).

The package contains plain foil lids (without printing) only; however we do undertake orders for custom printing for bulk orders of at least 40,000 pieces and above. If you have such a requirement click on the 'Enquire' icon to inform us about the same, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Note**: Please note that this foil lid has a shiny face and a silver matte face. While placing the foil lid on the cup for sealing, the matte face should always face upwards. The shiny face contains a plastic laminate layer and if it comes in direct contact with a sealing plate the foil will melt and will have to be rejected.