Manual Paste Filler

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Model No.: M100
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The manual paste filling machine provides a basic and robust solution for filling viscous paste like substances. Typical examples include items like ointments, creams, glue and toothpastes etc. It comes integrated with a 15 liter hopper (made of SS-304) thus making it easier to store and fill a large amount of material. The filling volume of the manual paste filler machine is restricted to 100 ml. The stand is made out of powder coated mild steel and all other contact parts including the piston and barrel are made of SS-304. Filling volume can be adjusted by means of an adjusting screw which restricts the stroke of the barrel.

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  • Dimensions: L=560 mm; W=160 mm; H=960 mm (22" x 6.3" x 37.8")
  • Weight (Without packing): 20 kg (44 lbs.)