Ergonomic Semi-automatic Filler with Capper

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Warranty : 12 Months from Date of Invoice
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Highly flexible filling and capping setupthat is ideal for filling a wide range of thin products like juices, sauces& lassi as well as heavier products like edible oils, yogurt and chutneysamong others.

Anergonomic work table provides very smooth process flow andminimal clutter making the production floor an organized workplace. Minimum oftwo operators are required here that can churn out a production of 6 to 14 bottles aminute (depending on fill volume)

A volume based twin-head piston filler is usedhere that can be modified for various materials by altering the 3-way controlvalves to suit thinner or heavier liquids. 

Adjustableguides on the worktable and an over-hanging manualpneumatic screw-driver provides a low cost, highly flexible solution especiallyfor clients that have multiple bottle sizes and different caps. If you need tochange your cap, simply replace the tightening chuck, which is 10 second,tool-less process.

  • MOC of frame: SS-304 pipe
  • MOC of contact parts: SS-316L, Teflon and silicone rubber
  • Dimensions will vary based on the bottle sizes and customer specifications
  • Power rating: Not more than 300 Watts
  • 2 HP air compressor with a 100 Litre storage tank is recommended as a pre-requisite